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Venture Capital Companies – a (working) perspective

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the launch of¬†GroTech, one of the latest South African Venture Capital Companies that have emerged following the South African Revenue Service’s (SARS) revision of Section 12J of the SA Income Tax Act. The … Continue reading

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The Lead-Up to the Facebook IPO

In one of my previous posts I wrote about¬†Planning for an IPO. One of the comments I received via LinkedIn asked me for an analysis of the Facebook IPO and what Facebook put in place to make it a success … Continue reading

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Planning for an Initial Public Offering

I have had the privilege of listing a number of companies in my time as an investment banker. Most of these companies were already established by the time we got involved as an investment bank and IPO advisor, but some … Continue reading

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Risk Management Framework & Risk Assessment Heatmaps

In early 2006 I was appointed as UK Country Head for Nedbank London, my first time at running a bank. I got another go, but with a blank sheet of paper, when I became CEO of Bank PHB (UK), a … Continue reading

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M&A – The Role of the Advisor / Investment Banker

I have been in the M&A game for most of my career. It has been a very interesting journey and a constant learning process. While I learn new things all the time, there is a basic framework that remains constant. … Continue reading

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Board Packs – What does your Board expect from you, the CEO?

The title to this post is deliberate – Board Packs are your responsibility as CEO. No-one else’s. While you can delegate the preparation to your FD or COO or anyone else, the ultimate responsibility for proper communication with your Board … Continue reading

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What should you include in a pitch deck and how long should it be?

This is a very difficult question and something that every investor (let alone entrepreneur) will have some very strong opinions on. This article has been written from the viewpoint of the investor, not from that of the entrepreneur. The latter, … Continue reading

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My take on the South African VC scene

For the past while we have been involved quite heavily in the VC scene. It hasn’t been a conscious decision, but then we haven’t specifically marketed to the higher end of the market either (which will change). I think a … Continue reading

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The “top” VCs I follow on Twitter, and why

I often get asked which VC investors I follow the most on Twitter, and why. So I thought I’d share a short list of 5 with you. It isn’t a complete list of all the VCs I follow (you can … Continue reading

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